As published in The Christian Post

In spite of our conflicting views as Americans concerning politics and gun legislation, it seems we can all agree on one thing: that gun violence has become one of the great scourges of our generation. In addition to the agony of tragically losing loved ones, the carnage that gun violence leaves behind includes painful memories as well as physical, psychological, and emotional wounds that permanently alter our way of life. Who could imagine that safety in our schools would surpass science and social studies as the most important subject of the day?

Each time a mass shooting occurs, our nation waits to see who’s responsible. As much as we loathe the idea of publicizing the profile of mass shooters, the media often reveal their identity, giving us all a momentary “look into their eyes.” And their collective profiles reveal an important truth: almost all mass shooters are men.

Fathers Raising Sons

It is God’s intent for a young man’s father to be the dominant influence in his life. In today’s culture, this role is all too often filled by strangers–an idolized athlete or an entertainer. In response to each shooting, we see a growing number of organized efforts to end gun violence. Politicians are pressured to pass gun-control legislation. School officials are pressured to implement better safety plans. Police are pressured to be more diligent in their investigative procedures. But we never put pressure on fathers to raise better sons—sons who are spiritually and morally grounded, and mentally and emotionally stable; sons who value and respect life, and seek no harm to those around them.

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