As published in theblaze, The Christian Post, Charismanews

Everyone agrees that gun violence in America is a deadly problem, but there’s a deep divide over how to solve the tragic conundrum. While some herald the need for heart change and the battle against pervasive evil, others believe increased gun control is the answer — and still others see the solution as a mixture of thoughts, prayers, and legislative action.

“Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson and the Rev. Pat Mahoney — a  signee of the Prayers and Action petition, a document that calls for American lawmakers to “pass common-sense gun laws” and for believers to commit to prayer — recently joined’s “Pure Talk” to hash out the issue.

Both Robertson, whose famed family is known for being hunters, and Mahoney, who has become involved in causes like March for Our Lives, agreed that prayer is powerful and that God holds the ability to change hearts.

“We’re backing away from good versus evil and there has to be good if there is evil,” Robertson said. “No matter what side of the [gun violence] issue you are on, we all agree that that is … evil behavior. Well, if that is evil, there is an opposite and that is good.”

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