An Armed Congregation?

Reverand Rob Schenck joins us to discuss the notion of an armed church congregation. We explore many angles of the issue. Listen in:continue

Another devastating church shooting in America: how should the church and faith community respond?

As published in Christianity Today: On Sunday, November 5, 2017, a man dressed in all black wearing a ballistic vest exited a vehicle and started firing a Ruger AR ‘assault-type…continue

Mornings with Jimmy Lakey: Reverend Dr. Rob Schenck

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The Wrong Reason To Own A Gun

Author: Dr. Preston Sprinkle Christians disagree on many ethical questions, and some disagreements can get quite heated. Few disagreements are as volatile as whether Christians should own guns and use…continue

Every Pastor Needs to Address Domestic Violence

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James Ward invites you to Survivor Sunday

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Something We Can All Do About the Terrible Tragedy of Suicide

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Survey: Most evangelical leaders favor stricter gun control laws

As published in A survey circulating in Christian media suggests that a majority of evangelical leaders support stricter gun control laws, even while most live in gun-owning households. According…continue

Majority of US evangelical leaders want stricter gun laws, survey reveals

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